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    Glamp like Royalty

    Glamp like Royalty

    Where to Go

    "Comfortable enough to rival a hotel room yet, with the great outdoors of Yellowstone all around you. Once you’ve spent your day experiencing the beauty and adventure of Yellowstone, you can return to our Luxury Tent Camp and unwind in style. Just 10 minutes from Yellowstone National Park entrance, our luxury camp boasts fantastic views, a quiet, secluded location, an onsite restaurant, a host of activities,  and of course, Yellowstone right on your doorstep.  This isn’t camping as we know it."


    When to Go

    June-September. With average summer lows of 55 degrees F and highs of 82 F, the summer months in the rockies are a dream!

    What to Bring 

    Natural Blue Linen

    The Montana weather is hot and breezy during the day and cools off at night. You'll need shirts that can keep you cold under the sun, but also cozy by the fire, and you should look no further than Natural Blues' summer collection! With lots of long and short sleeve linen shirts to choose from, they make for the perfect fashion statement in which to brave the wilderness!

    Bluetooth Speakers

    What is a good campfire without great music. In order to truly glamp like a king it's an absolute must to bring along your favorite tunes. You can pack smaller speaks and tote them on your hike or bring your bigger pair to set the tone for the campsite party. You make the call!

    For the Hiker

    For the Squatter

    The Best Smartphone Apps For Traveling

    The Best Smartphone Apps For Traveling

    We all take our phones with us everywhere we go.
    Here are 9 apps that we here at Natural Blue use while traveling that are life changing (or at least travel changing)
    1. Gas Buddy- will use your phone's GPS to locate the cheapest gas wherever you are. If you report the gas prices in the area, you'll earn points towards their regular prize giveaways. It's a great community of drivers and travelers who work together to save money on gas and keep everyone in the know.
    2. Tripcase- Any hotel, flight or restaurant confirmation gets forwarded to the TripCase email address and within seconds it appears on my app. All organized by date, trip and time. If your flight is delayed it will update that as well. You can also add additional details to your trip within the app to customize your itinerary and keep everything in one place. There are a couple of other apps that are in direct competition with TripCase and I've tried them out as well, however this one is my favorite. The app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
    3. RED ROVER- If you have kids and you live in the city, you need RedRover. Local programs, festivals, drop-in classes and other events are filtered by date and according to the age and personal interests of your children. It also provides good and relevant suggestions on where to eat, shop or play in the nearby vicinity. Smart!
    4. ROAD NINJA- RoadNinja provides a list of spots at each interstate exit and then categorizes the depending on what you're  looking for. You can find them on maps, share the with your friends or through your social networks and discover deals along the way. RoadNinja also has their own set of promos to help you save money. Speaking of money, it displays which exit offers the cheapest gas prices.
    5. WHATSAPP- You'll never have to pay for a text again as long as you use the WhatsApp Messenger. It allows you to exchange messages with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia users without paying a cent. It's not just for texting, you can also send unlimited images, video and audio media messages.
    6. HIPMUNK- Hipmunk compares the top travel sites all at once and let's you in on hotel inventory for last minute savings. Their flight booking tool is quite good as well.
    7. MAPSWITHME- If you're traveling out of the country, chances are you won't want to use your data much. MapsWithMe offers detailed maps that are available completely offline. They are downloaded to your phone so you won't require any kind of data plan to use them.
    8. WORD LENS- If you are traveling abroad and you spot a sign in Portuguese, German, Italian, French or Spanish, just whip out this app and use the built-in video camera. The words will appear immediately on your video screen (no data needed).
    9. WOLFRAM SUN EXPOSURE APP- Avoid sun burn with this app